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Intercessory Prayer Meeting Friday @ 10:00 AM
Men's Bible Study Saturday @ 8:00 AM
Worship Service Sunday @ 9:30 AM
Ladies' Summer Book Club! Sunday @ 7:00 PM
CoFaith Weekly Staff Meeting Tuesday @ 12:00 PM

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Pastor's Blog


How to Avoid Spiritual Obesity

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Warning ahead.  Great Devotion that hits the mark for every Christian and every Church.  It is so very easy to settle into consumer style Christianity which has its complacent consequences of SPIRITUAL OBESITY.  Read the following devotion by Jim Burns — it is very convicting.  After reading, spend some time chewing on the reflection questions (GOING DEEPER) and the suggested Bible Readings (FURTHER READING)  The Word always evokes a response to action.  Then, think of ways your LIFE GROUP, your FAMILY, your CHURCH can “give out” for sake of Christ.  Intentionally, make this summer a season to exercise your faith in...
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What Revs the Rev?

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
What Revs the Rev?   3 things:   This is an easy one for me.  The order is less important — all go together and magnify the rev effect.      There is nothing more energizing for me to witness someone coming to Christ and actively growing in their walk with Christ.  Nothing comes close. Which makes our Christian witness so important!  If you are mature in Christ, please, please get equipped to parent someone in the Lord.  Nothing is more gratifying to walk side by side and parent someone in the faith.  You grow, they grow.  It is a fabulous...
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MEMORABLE devotion about following God DAILY

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
The Power of DailyThis devotional was written by Jim Burns This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. --Psalm 118:24 An unbalanced (or undisciplined) life will not be kind to us in the areas we neglect. The secret to living a vibrant and no-compromise faith is in the power of “DAILY.” Daily we are to come to God and renew our commitment and relationship. He will give us the strength to live daily for Him. Daily we can recognize His lordship in our life, and daily we will find the power to live for...
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You are Significant!

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
You are significant.  In other words, God has deemed you very special indeed!  Good News to grab today, and best yet, it is absolutely true!  It doesn’t take long to see this as you crack the Good Book and start reading.  I am currently reading the book of Psalms this month and this week I came to Psalm 8.  I noticed the significance God has bestowed on mere mortals.  He has chosen to fashion us in his image and robed us with very good things.  If the daily grind is robbing you of your significance, let Psalm 8 robe you with...
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Three Important Words About GIVING

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Dear Family and Friends of Community of Faith,    Three important words about GIVING.  Thank You, Remember and Please!    1st, THANK YOU for your generous support of the mission at Community of Faith.  Not only has the ministry of Community of Faith been generously supported but the missions beyond our walls have been tremendously blessed.  Thank you!      2nd, REMEMBER that your generous gifts to the HAITI MISSION or any other "beyond the walls" mission needs to be "over and above" giving.  In other words, please refrain from replacing your general giving to fund missions.  Instead, give your full...
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Your Smile Costs Nothing But Gives Much

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
 Your Smile Costs Nothing But Gives Much This devotional was written by Jim Burns   Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God because God is love. --1 John 4:7-8   One of the greatest ways to love someone is to give them your smile. I have long forgotten where I found this profound thought, but I share it with you and challenge you to share your smile with someone else today. A smile costs nothing, but gives...
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Who's the Judge?

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Who’s the Judge?   Why is it so much easier to judge than to show mercy?   I do believe God is well aware of our propensity to judge and our lackluster efforts to show mercy.  It is much easier and more fun to point accusing fingers and cast condescending glares at those we adamantly disagree.  God knows.  Ah, but let it be know, brothers and sisters, that our accusing fingers only magnify our need for a Savior and for God to take His rightful place as Judge.    But just in case we wander and point a waving finger, Jesus gives...
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What's Your Name?

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
What’s Your Name? Feb. 16, 2016   I have asked this questions numerous times! All the while forgetting the name that was given to me to remember.  Here are two unforgettable names recorded in our “Daily Walk” Bible readings this week and one other name that has eternal significance:   EBENEZER – A familiar name made famous not only by its biblical reference in I Samuel 7:12 but also because of its reference in a well-known hymn.  Remember that old favorite hymn called “O Thou Fount of Every Blessing?”  The phrase, “Here I raise my Ebenezer,” is the beginning of the...
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In Terms of Politics, Where is God?

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
   In terms of Politics, Where is God? How does God want us to vote? March 6, 2016   Super Tuesday is over.  Hang over Wednesday has passed and looking ahead are still more primaries. Hillary is on her way to her Democratic Coronation while Trump is appearing unstoppable of becoming the Republican nominee.  America is fractured – even Evangelicals are splintered.  If there was ever a time for divine intervention – the time is here. But are we asking for it?  Are we really seeking God’s advice?   How does God want us to vote?  By the looks of...
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No Excuses! Moses Used Them and They Didn't Work...

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
                The church has been likened to a football game in which thousands of spectators in need of exercise are watching a handful of players in need of rest.   Are you a spectator or a player?   Before you pull out your list of reasons excusing you from active duty in your church, eavesdrop on an eighty-year-old shepherd as he argues with a burning bush.  With good reason Moses anticipated resistance from his own people - to say nothing of Pharaoh. Besides, he had a speech impediment!  Surely, Moses thought, God was...
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Purpose in Prayer: Intercession
Sunday, March 19, 2017
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